Hi Gord,

From the first time I was able to visit Island Lake Lodge to our latest visit, summer 2012, I have been hooked! I am so happy that my parent in-laws, Ken and Fay, shared your amazing get-away with me a few years ago in 2008; of course, my wife and her family have been visiting the lodge since the mid-eighties and I completely understand why! Hopefully, my family and I will carry on the tradition.

This summer stood out for me as being the best! It goes without saying that your hospitality knows no bounds! The cabins epitomize the perfect balance between their amenities and the wilderness that surrounds you. There is always a sense of nostalgia when you are living so close to water, combined with the beautiful scenery, wildlife, and of course the eerie yodel of the Common Loon always adds the irrevocable feeling of being connected to the great outdoors! And for me, what better way to soak it all in but to be on the water fishing!

I have been an avid fisherman for as long as I can remember. Growing up in a National Park in the Canadian Rockies I grew up fishing mostly rivers. It was not until I toured and fished your lake, with its many protected bays and inlets/outlets that I appreciated lake fishing. I will always prefer the rivers (because of trout) and that is why I likely gravitate to the inlets and outlets of Island Lake. This summer I focused on the pools below the big damn and down around the swifts.

I have fished the damn from boat and shore and both have been very successful! This summer I fly-fished from shore. I have been fly fishing for over twenty years and though little can compare to catching a big trout on a small rod, there is certainly something to be said about catching a bass on a fly rod. I have read articles that claim that bass are the green trout and I whole-heartedly agree!! Especially when you set the hook into a heavy bass, which will then dive deep, swim straight at you, and or jump several times in the air trying to spit out your fly! This summer did not disappoint. I have caught a lot of quality fish in these past years; I have landed 30+” pike and 18+” bass, and surprisingly, a few walleye – all on the fly rod. Then there are the times fishing with my spin cast…

Here is some advice for any fly fisherman that ventures to your lodge, any fly that imitates bass’ natural prey will be successful, but the secret weapon is to use any imitation crawfish pattern that is weighted and you will have amazing success whether it is from boat or shore!!

It is my belief that your effective management of the fish stocks has maintained Island Lake’s spot as a premiere fishing lodge. It is a testament to your dedication to offering a world-class vacation for anyone that is looking for an amazing fishing experience and or to just be outdoors relaxing on the porch!

A huge thank you from my family and myself! We will certainly see you again soon.


Marco, Lindsay, & Aria