Hey Gord,
I would like to say thank you so much from Janis and I and a big thank you on behalf of the Ontario Conservation Officers Association for providing this amazing trip to your camp. Your kindness was above and beyond. Thanks again and hope to make the trip again.

Hi Gord,

Thanks again we had a great time. cottages and the service we received from you and Sam was excellent next time we will get a Bear and the fishing was amazing.  Robert S.

Our family recently stayed at the Island camp for a family getaway. Our experience was beyond our expectations. Our cottage was set right by the lake with the most beautiful view, incredible sun sets and of course nature. The camp is run by the most welcome and friendly people which make you feel at home the moment you enter the camp. Our three kids had the best time ever, being able to go fishing and catching frog and enjoying the great outdoors. Our family greatly enjoys the outdoors in the summer months but by far have discovered a hidden gem. We cannot wait to visit island lake camp again! Thank you Gord and your team for making us feel so welcome and enjoy a little piece of paradise! Warm regards, The Kubicki Family

Gord, Niall & I were sorry we missed you today. I would like to thank you again for a wonderful trip. You have no idea how much we appreciate your hospitality. We would also ask you pass our thanks along to Sam. He was very helpful. I didn’t get a chance to comment in your visitors book. If I did this is my comment:  It gave me a chance to reconnect my body & soul. Simply sensational. 🙂 We look forward to seeing you next year, Niall, Gail, Jamie, Ross & Haggis.

Our weekend was extremely enjoyable. The cottage was clean & well stocked with pretty much everything we needed. The staff (Sam) was very accommodating (thanks again for the boat ride). We had a great time & would recommend this tinny piece of heaven to anyone! Thanks again, Shanon

Hi Gord, I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for your hospitality again this year we had a great trip… Thanks again Gord! Best Regards, Mike

Gord, We were sitting here about to have one of our normal fishing tournaments talking about the trip this year. I just wanted to say I had a great time as always. We didn’t catch the volume of fish this year we have in the past but it’s still an incredible vacation. Thank you for the hospitality and everything you do for us. I’m sure all of us will return next year if possible. Thanks again Gord. Jason, Gainesville – Florida

Gord, Just a short note to once again say thanks for a great week. As you know, this trip is the highlight of my year and once again everything was perfect!! Best wishes my friend, see you next year!! Keith


This was our first trip to Island Lake Camp. I was looking for a new lake in Canada to take my sons to. This was to be a special trip to celebrate my middle son’s graduation from college. I chose Island Lake Camp because of how comfortable I felt talking to you at the outdoor show in Harrisburg in February, because of the remoteness of your camp and because of the “all inclusive package” that you offer. I was not disappointed on any count! We found the camp to be exceptionally clean and organized. You furnished us with everything that we needed to have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The boats were sound, comfortable and well equipped. The motors were new and never let us down, loved that electric start. The boat seats with the soft cushion and the back rest were just what I needed to complete the package. Our boats were stocked with bait and fuel every morning. The fishing was great. Even though we are still learning the lake, and how to catch Walleyes, we boated 60 fish in four days of fishing. My son, Andrew, who had never caught a Northern before, caught the biggest fish (a 30” Northern), and the most fish. We had a wonderful time! The trip was beyond my expectations. I thank you for being a gracious host and for providing me with the opportunity to share a very special, beautiful natural treasure with my family. We plan to come back soon. Best regards, Howard

Hello all, While not as dramatic as the fog pics and the sun “exploding” through the fog, these pics are very representative of what we see at Island Lake Camp. I have never photographed a loon chick and am very pleased with getting some of them. The merganser chicks are also pretty unique. To get the pics from the boat I use a monopod and put my camera on Vibration Reduction and don’t stir up too many waves getting to where I want to be. We then shut the motor off and coast so as to get rid of the bumpy wave action and let the birds get used to us. The fishing photo is of Brandon netting his own 35 inch northern – his largest fist this year was 41 inches which was even smaller than last years!! That’s all for now. Brian

Good day Gord,

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you once again for an outstanding 4 days of fishing at your camp. The hospitality was second to none and Bill and I enjoyed the best fishing one could ever ask for.

Over the 4 days we caught and released 41 Pike and Walleye. We boated 34″,32″ and 28″ Pike and 23″ and 21″ Walleye’s. We also lost a couple of fish we never saw but fought like they were bigger than the 34″ Pike.

Gord, we definitely will be back to enjoy your camp and the fishing again.

Thanks for everything. Dave. I have enclosed a few pictures.

Hi Ellie & Gord,

We had a wonderful time on our vacation. We will surely be talking about it for a long time.

Our trip home was no problem. Those turn arounds on the 400 to head back north sure looked inviting. We will sure miss your place next year for vacation, but will be back to see you in 2011.

Thanks for making our vacation so nice with the fish fry that we had together. I would also like to thank you Gord for cleaning all my fish, and sharpening my knife for me.

We cooked up the rest of the pike on Monday night over our fire pit out side.

I wasn’t sure how many pictures to send you, if you want to see more I can send them.

Working on getting the wood into the basement this week and Terry is back to his hectic pace at the shop and getting the combine ready to take off the soybeans.

Please send Ellie our Love,

We will keep in touch,

Love Jacqueline &
Terry Hoy

Once again Gord and Ellie I wish to thank you for your patients, I am sorry for the mess up and time delay. Our thoughts and prays are with you both, take care and I do look forward to next year.

Sincerly, R.J.Samborski

Gord and Ellie,

This is the first chance that I’ve had to write a thank you for such a great time. Our group spent 7 awesome days (7/11 thru 7/18) fishing and enjoying your camp and the lake. This is our 3 rd visit to the camp and we enjoyed the opportunity for sharing the experience with some first timers in our group. What a great get a way. Charlie and Mark were awesome, making sure we were prepared each day. They do a great job. We look forward to returning for a future trip real soon.

We keep Ellie in our prayers and know she will achieve a full recovery. Take care and many thanks again.

LM Welsh

Ellie and Gord,

We have been back to work for almost a week now and it is still very difficult to find the everyday rhythm again. I am already sick of the cell phone again. I would rather listen to hum of that little outboard all day than hear that damn phone chirp once. We did discuss what it is that makes Island Lake so special and we decided it is mostly to do with the people. It is difficult to describe but feels as if it is a totally different world. There is no hassle or pressure. We are welcomed and treated so well. Everything is done to make sure the experience is positive. The atmosphere is definitely enhanced by yourselves and the staff. Visits from Ellie and random conversations and a few drinks with Gord are always a highlight. It is good to know we have such friends.

We thank you for yet another great vacation. Even the fishing was great. I am going to include a picture of Judy with her bass. I know you didn’t have an opportunity to see them. I will concede bragging rights to her for a while. She is pretty proud. I will also include the picture I am now using for computer wallpaper. I already have several requests for it. It is far nicer in person though. There are some people here that don’t understand that you have to be there to truly appreciate what it is really all about. A picture never does it all.

We are coming back again. We just need to figure out when. With our son commandeering the July time slot for something as silly as a wedding, we are not sure when we will be returning to visit. He feels we should be there for some reason and Judy says I have to attend so I guess we are going. She is even threatening to make me wear a tie. That will be discussed further. But as soon as things are figured out, we will be letting you know a date.

We think of you often. Stay in touch.
Thank you again.
Judy and David

Island Lake Camp – OCOA Convention Donation

For the past two OCOA Conventions, the owners of Island Lake Camp near Field, Gord and Ellie Mitchell, have supported our association by donating a fishing trip. I was the successful bidder in a silent auction at the 2008 convention in Parry Sound, and Dan Finos of Thompson-Carswell Publishing and I took the trip from May 27-30, 2009.

The package was all-inclusive for 2 people, with 4 days, 3 nights accommodation, and basically everything was supplied except food. I contacted our hosts in September 2008 to book for the 2009 fishing season, and could tell right off that we would be well taken care of. There were almost no limitations on when we could come. When the dates arrived 8 months later we were good to go with no complications.

The lodge is located off Highway 64, about halfway between Marten River on Highway 11, and Sturgeon Falls on Highway 17, and an easy drive by car. The lake is actually named Thistle Lake, and is on the Temagami River system just south of Red Cedar Lake. Their website is www.islandlakecamp.com .

Gord welcomed us upon arrival and showed us to our cabin, where the wood stove was already fired up. We were immediately impressed by condition of the cabin. It was rustic but well kept, very comfortably equipped, and immaculately clean. All we had to do was unpack, load up the fridge and relax with a drink while we got our fishing gear ready. There was even a propane BBQ for our steaks, and having hot running water and a shower in a cabin is a rare treat.

The first order of business was a tour of the lake in a nice pontoon boat. This is a courtesy that all first-timers get, and it was great. Gord provided us with 30 years of insight into navigation routes, obstacles, fishing hot spots, best baits and methods, and local history. They also run fall hunts for grouse, bear and moose, and both he and Ellie are involved with several F&W related committees so we had plenty to chat about.

Once we were back at the lodge we were pumped to get out and wet a line. The boat provided was a 16 foot steel flat bottom, equipped with fishing chairs, a fish finder, fully loaded minnow bucket, and an 8 hp electric start Mercury. All we had to do was get our gear and head out after a quick snack.

We just happened to pick about the coldest, wettest days in May since the walleye season opened, but we didn’t let that stop us from spending all but one morning of torrential downpours on the water. (That was the same day that MNR Enforcement Branch got flooded out). When the rain let up that morning, Gord came knocking to let us know the boat was bailed and ready to go with fresh minnows. How’s that for service!

Fishing was a little tough (blame it on the weather) but we caught some nice walleye up to 24 inches, a few pike and a few smallmouth bass up to 4 lbs. As an added convenience back at camp there is a central fish cleaning hut with running water! We made good use of it, and if you haven’t tried Fish Crisp’s Beer Batter mix yet it’s worth picking some up.

Overall we had a great trip. The scenery, accommodations, and hospitality were top notch, and I would highly recommend Island Lake Camp for anyone, whether fishermen or families. Check out their website for all the details. Thanks again to Gord and Ellie for donating this trip to our association.

Dan Slater, Webmaster
Ontario Conservation Officers Association

Thanks Gord & Ellie, for your great hospitality and accommodations. We had a great time. Please follow the link to the photos I took from our trip.


Shawn Corbin

Hi Gord,

Just writing to say thanks again for an excellent week at Island Lake Camp. The scenery was beautiful and the fishing excellent. Brandon still shakes when he talks about his 40″ northern and I have many photos of the wildflowers, sunrises/sunsets and scenery pictures to sort through. Your cabins are extremely comfortable and well kept. Your attention to detail is excellent. As I indicated when we were there, your meticulous attention to the boats and our bait needs are unsurpassed. We have fished at many resorts over the years, but I have to say none have compared to our stay at Island Lake Camp. Finding a fishing lodge by searching the internet for “drive-in Canada fishing” could have been a risky venture, but your website very accurately depicts the accommodations and you were very responsive to emails prior to our trip. We would highly recommend this trip to anyone. We will certainly be back.

Brian, Sue, Andrew and Brandon Wolf
Kenosha, Wisconsin

P.S. Just as we pulled out a moose crossed the road in front of us as if to say good-bye to Sue!

Thanks for the great time.

Wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for the great trip as usual. It was so nice to see everyone. This was another exceptional trip. Because of the lodge, we got to see you both a little more than usual. I can’t wait for our pictures to return. The fishing was great. We got to have two fish fries instead of one and still take fish home for the freezer. The scenery from the sky was spectacular! The sunsets were just beautiful. The stars at night were amazing. The best of all, we got to see the northern lights two nights in a row of which they put on a spectacular show. And the job you did on Sunset was gorgeous. You out did your self on that cabin. Thanks again.

Bob and Patty Reitz.

Ellie and Gord:

Let me THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for a great moose hunt! The bull was there — it’s just a shame that conditions were such that we couldn’t see him. Lucky moose.

And special thanks for inviting me to dinner Saturday evening. It was great meeting Liz and the troops. And the Famous Grouse really got famous during the evening.

Have great Holidays!
Jon E. Jenson

Ellie & Gord,

Thanks again for a wonderful week. Your accommodations are 1st class and personnel were friendly and helpful. We caught enough fish for a couple of meals and Joyce’s 4 1/4 small mouth bass made the trip. Thanks again,

Greg & Joyce.
PS We’d be happy to recommend you.

Ellie and Gord,

All the Florida Crew arrived safely home. Some early Sunday morning and the driving crew Monday afternoon. What a ride. We had a great time last week as usual. Thanks for sharing your place and your wonderful hospitality. Hope to see you next year. We’ll send some pictures as soon as they are available.

Bill Oxendine

Hi Gord:

Thank you, for all the pictures. Please pass my appreciation to Steve. It’s really wonderful trip for us.

Take care, My friend
Norman Chih

Ellie & Gord,

Thanks for the great visit. The accommodations were great and the service fantastic! Wish we would have caught more fish, but we all had a fun time!

Thanks again, Bob

Hi just a thank you for a great week of fishing , I felt more like a friend than paying customer , everything was perfect thank you again hope to return next year . yours

shirley reese

Gord and Ellie,

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay with you and the fishing experience. Well done, we had a great time. Thanks, again,

Mark Johnston

Dear Ellie & Gord,

Thanks so much for the wonderful hospitality again on our trip to your camp. As usual, we were well taken care of. The scenery was once again spectacular! I look forward to seeing you again next year. Thanks again,